• Mid-air scare for Air NZ passengers

    According to NZ herald terrified passengers on an Air New Zealand flight from Wellington to Auckland this morning were forced to use emergency oxygen masks after the plane lost cabin pressure.

    Auckland airport police was put on standby as the plane came in to land this morning.
    An airport spokesperson says the Air New Zealand flight 414 suffered an unidentified mechanical issue.
    The plane, which left Wellington at 7:30am, has landed safely.
    Air New Zealand Chief Flight Operations and Safety Officer, Captain David Morgan said: "A Boeing 737-300 aircraft operating as NZ414 travelling between Wellington and Auckland this morning experienced a gradual loss of cabin pressure on approach to Auckland which caused the oxygen masks to automatically deploy in the cabin.
    "The pilots immediately initiated a descent to 7,000 feet and the cabin crew advised passengers that oxygen masks were no longer required at that point.
    "The aircraft landed without further incident and engineers are now investigating the cause of the incident."
    MP Claudette Hauiti was on the flight, and tweeted that passengers were calm, but that her oxygen mask failed to drop.

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