• Delayed passengers ‘take plane hostage’

    Fuming and hungry passengers have reportedly taken a plane “hostage” and looted it for food, alcohol and perfume after their flight was diverted and they found themselves stranded overnight.

    The Ryanair flight from Rabat, Morocco, bound for Paris had to divert to Spanish capital Madrid to offload a sick passenger earlier this month, UK publication The Mirror reports.
    It then continued on to Paris, but was diverted to Nantes, France, because the night-time curfew for Paris’ Beauvais Airport had passed.

    By then, passengers were apparently so angry they refused to disembark and allegedly raided the aircraft’s supplies of food, drink, perfume and cigarettes.
    According to French publication Metro News, an employee at Nantes airport said the plane and its crew were “effectively taken hostage by a group of disgruntled passengers”.

    "They pillaged the aircraft for food, drinks – especially alcoholic drinks – cigarettes and perfumes; anything of any value,” the unnamed source says.
    “They behaved like animals towards the plane, the crew members and members of the airport’s ground staff."

    But one passenger told The Mirror travellers were fed-up with the way the diversion and delay had been handled.
    "We were thirsty, hungry with no information on our fate. We ¬compensated ourselves by taking some drinks and food.
    "After seven hours stuck on a plane, instead of two-and-a-half, people needed to eat."

    There were 170 passengers on board. Police were reportedly called to diffuse the volatile situation.
    Ryanair spokesman Robin Kiely told French website thelocal.fr passengers were put up in hotels for the night before being transferred to Paris Beauvais Airport by bus the next day.

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